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About Us

Clay Hill Public Charter School is independent from public schools and because of that we are allowed to be more innovative and are held accountable for improved student achievement. CHPCS is open to all children residing in Baltimore City on a space- available basis within each grade level. Our school does not discriminate on the basis of intellectual or athletic ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, disability, proficiency in English or any other basis prohibited by law. ​

Our Mission

The mission of Clay Hill Public Charter School is to be a place where students thrive as members of a vibrant and inclusive learning community with families, caregivers, staff, and neighbors engaged in a practice of whole-child education. By teaching and learning from one another, we embrace unique identities and cultivate an atmosphere of love.

Our Vision

The Vision of Clay Hill Public Charter School is life-long learners, healthy families, and strong neighborhoods.

Our Community School

As a Community School, Clay Hill Public Charter School creates a network of partnerships with other community resources that promote student achievement and family and community well-being. Our integrated focus on academics, enrichment, health and social supports, youth and community development, recreation, employment, adult education and family engagement leads to student success, stronger families and healthy communities.

Our Values

Clay Hill Public Charter School is a community-founded school devoted to a whole-child education philosophy and driven to academic excellence in a diverse setting. We are believe in:

  • Children: We believe in the awe-inspiring potential of children and their abilities to challenge us, move us, and surprise us in ways large and small. They are the core of our teaching and learning community.
  • Equity: We believe in being a community that embraces the unique identity of each member. We nurture each child’s identity development through personal growth and an understanding of historical contexts of race, gender, and other expressions of self.
  • Love: We believe who you are as a person before you come to school matters, so we care for, protect, support, and encourage everyone in our community by cultivating a network of committed, caring individuals and strengthening family and community structures that support healthy interpersonal relationships.
  •  Creativity: We believe the way to academic excellence is to foster creativity and critical thinking by challenging every child to excel using interdisciplinary, thematic, hands-on instruction.
  • Wellness: We believe in cultivating an accessible and supportive environment to maintain and improve every child and family’s physical, mental, social, and emotional health.
  • Collaboration: We believe in togetherness, collaboration, and co-creation. We value, trust, and celebrate and rely on each other’s voices, ideas, opinions, and perspectives.


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  • P: (410) 450 4556

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