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School Performance

Clay Hill Public Charter School has had an outstanding 2021-2022 school year. Here is data to recap everything that we’ve achieved:


  • Over 90% staff retention from year 1 to year 2
  • 90% attendance for the year
  • We had 0 suspensions this year
  • As of July 1, 2022, all seats in grades K-4 were full


  • 34 volunteers completed at least 20 hours of service/ engagement
  • 127 students had a caregiver attend an event (77.4%)
  • 3,556 total engagement hours
  • On the end-of-year Family Survey over 90% of families responded that they were positively satisfied with their experience at CHPCS, including 54% of families who indicated that they were extremely satisfied.

Health Resources

  • 16 students from both CH and surrounding schools received school-mandated vaccines.
  • 48 students received dental care on site
  • 32 Students received an eye exam from vision for Baltimore, 24 received glasses.


Standardized state testing results are not yet available. CHPCS implement STAR assessments for reading and math to track student achievements throughout the year.

End of the year testing results:

  • 29.5% of students were at or above benchmark for their grade-level Reading Content Based Measures
    • Up 9% from middle-of-the year testing
  • 36.2% of students were at or above benchmark for their grade-level Math Content Based Measures
    • Up 8% from middle-of-the year testing
  • 14.4% of students moved out of intervention from middle-of-the year to testing in Reading
  • 26.3% of students moved out of intervention from middle of the year to end-of-the year testing in Math


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  • P: (410) 450 4556

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