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Our thematic interdisciplinary learning model motivates students by engaging them in their own learning. The school’s approach provides opportunities for students to pursue their own interests and make decisions about how they will find answers and solve problems.  The curriculum for academic subjects at Clay Hill Public Charter School is supplemented by instruction in art, music, physical education, Spanish, and community service.  By incorporating hands on learning into the classrooms we are able to engage auditory, tactile, and social learners alike to strengthen every child’s knowledge.  Students are able to demonstrate their understanding and work alongside their peers to reach their educational potential.

CHPCS embraces a cross-circular learning model that incorporates real-world learning experiences with traditional classroom-based instruction. We believe that when subjects are integrated, learning becomes more authentic and engaging, enhancing understanding of the targeted concepts. We see our neighborhoods and Baltimore City as a living classroom, and enhance classroom learning with field trips that utilize Baltimore City’s breadth and depth of cultural, educational, historical, environmental, and scientific institutions. 

Character education is a central element of our mission.  CHPCS is a Tribes Learning Community.  Tribes is a step-by-step process to achieve inclusion.  Students learn a set of collaborative skills so they can work well together.  The four agreements honored by Tribes are…
1.      Attentive Listening
2.      Appreciation/ No Put-Downs
3.      Mutual Respect
4.      Right to Pass


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